LEI registration in other countries - Canadian LEI
All counterparties to OTC derivative transactions defined under OSC Rule 91-507 must have an LEI

LEI registration in other countries

Canadian LEI - LEI registration

LEI registration in other countries

LEI registration process varies between different countries and jurisdictions as not all countries have a local LEI issuer (LOU – Local Operating Unit) and most of the LOUs can issue LEIs only to specific regions. Therefore, the GLEIF has introduced the concept of Registration Agents (RA), where most of the RA-s are directly connected to one or more LEI issuing organization that can cover many countries and jurisdictions.

Canadian LEI is part of Baltic LEI group that is operating as an official LEI Registration Agent managing more than 20 000 LEIs globally. We are operating in 16 countries and for each country we have local brand that is integrated with the local business registry. Our brands and websites in other countries:

Australia – https://australialei.com/

Belgium https://lei-belgie.be/

Canada – https://canadianlei.com/

Czech Republic – https://lei-ceska.cz/

Denmark – https://danmarklei.dk/

Estonia – https://balticlei.ee/

Finland – https://suomilei.fi/

France – https://francelei.fr/

Germany – https://deutschelei.de/

India – https://indialei.in/

Ireland – https://lei-ireland.ie/

Italy – https://italialei.it/

Latvia – https://balticlei.lv/

Lithuania – https://balticlei.lt/

Luxembourg – https://lei-luxembourg.lu/

Nederland https://lei-nederland.nl/

Norway – https://norgelei.no/

Poland – https://lei-polska.pl/

Portugal – https://lei-portugal.pt/

Spain – https://espanalei.es/

Sweden – https://sverigelei.se/

Switzerland – https://schweiz-lei.ch/

United Kingdom – https://britishlei.co.uk/

USA – https://americanlei.com/

In addition to the separate brands, we can provide LEI numbers to companies registered in 150+ countries. In other words, if your company is registered outside the Canada, feel free to apply for LEI on Canadian LEI website or find a local brand from the list above.