Privacy Policy

Valid from 04 March 2019


CanadianLEI is affiliated with Baltic LEI OÜ that is registered in Estonia and operates as an LEI Registration Agent in Europe, Australia and USA. We operate in Canada under the trademark CanadianLEI.

Baltic LEI OÜ (hereafter “BLEI”) processes and utilises client data based on the policy described in this document. If the client accepts this policy, he/she will make a mark in the respective field before submitting the Legal Entity Identifier application. By marking this box accordingly, the client gives permission to BLEI to use his/her data for all of the processes and activities that are connected to obtaining an LEI number.

1. Collecting client data

1.1. Client data collection takes place on the CanadianLEI website when the client completes the application and orders an LEI for his/her company, or when the client applies for renewal of their LEI. After receiving the application, BLEI may request additional information by email or by phone, if required. Also, BLEI may request relevant information from the local Business Registry.

1.2. BLEI only collects data that is required in order to apply for an LEI number, an LEI renewal, or any other activity that is connected to an LEIs from the client.

1.3. The data that is required from the client includes company name, registration number, legal address, address of company headquarters (if it is different from the legal address), parent company information (if the company has a parent company that consolidates the statements), name and surname of the representative, email address, and a contact phone number.

2. Processing and forwarding of the client data

2.1. BLEI processes the client’s data using modern data processing software. The aim is to alter the client’s data to a format that will be accepted by the GLEIF accredited LOUs.

2.2. BLEI transmits client data only to GLEIF accredited LOUs in order to obtain an LEI. LOUs are legally obligated to keep and protect the data they receive.

3. Client data protection and retention

3.1. BLEI does not transmit client data to third parties unless it is necessary to complete an LEI related activity.

3.2. Client data is stored in BLEI’s virtual servers so that we can provide LEI renewal information to the clients in a timely manner.

4. Updating client data

4.1. The client is solely responsible for the data submitted on behalf of the company (to and from BLEI). It is the client’s responsibility to inform BLEI about any change(s) or updates.

4.2. BLEI is not responsible for any possible damage that may be caused by incorrect data.